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It is facility policy that all gift packages are delivered by Aramark, packages delivered by any other provider will not be accepted.  

Delivery Schedule Information

Below is the schedule for iCare deliveries.  Please review regularly as schedules are subject to change based on holidays and facility requirements.  It is recommended that you have all orders submitted at least 48 hours prior to the delivery schedule to ensure your loved one receives their gift at the first opportunity.  You will receive a notification once the order is delivered. 

** All gift bag orders are subject to one (1) iCare order per week**


 Who is Eligible to receive an iCare Order?

  • All inmates with the exception of those placed on EPCSO-Directed “restriction”.

What facility restrictions apply?

  • Jail Annex Cell Block 610 is a restricted/disciplinary lock down and is only allowed the Hygiene Package.
  • Inmates on EPCSO- Directed “restrictions” are unable to receive iCare Packages.
  • Only one (1) iCare gift bag can be delivered per inmate regardless of sender. Anything over one (1) bag will be held until the next delivery cycle.
  • Deliveries to the housing areas are made once per week. All orders that do not meet the order schedule will be held for delivery on the next delivery cycle.

Inmate Movement/Transfer

If an inmate is moved within the facility after your order is placed, the delivery may be delayed as it is moved to the new location. 

If your loved one is being transferred to another facility after your order is placed that order will be cancelled. 


Living Unit

Delivery Day

Delivery Time

iCare Order By:

Detention Center



4 pm – 10 pm

Friday by 6am

Jail Annex

1-4 & 12



4 pm – 10 pm

Monday by 6am

Jail Annex




4 pm – 10pm

Monday by 6am

 If the scheduled delivery for your iCare package falls on a holiday, the package will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day.


iCare Fresh Meal Delivery Information:


Orders received by Tuesday for Pods  (7-11) and (14-15)  will be delivered on Wednesdays.

Orders received by Wednesday for Pods  (1-4) and (10-12)  will be delivered on Thursdays.